Combine innovation to drive ‘Ban Chang a livable city’ with U-Tapao Aviation City & High-Speed Rail


By Praornpit Katchwattana -September 27, 2020

Ban Chang District, Rayong Province, in addition to being an industrial city of the EEC or the Eastern Special Development Zone, it is also a strategic area where there will be many big infrastructure projects such as U-Tapao Airport. The high-speed rail project connects 3 airports and a modern aviation city for this purpose in preparation for future growth. Planning for development ‘Ban Chang a livable city’, therefore, has to integrate innovative ideas into effective urban development as well.

U-Tapao-Ban Chang Innovation District Development Project  happened  to improve the quality of life of the people in the area and most recently established “Ban Chang Municipal Academic Innovation Center” was established with a collaboration between Ban Chang Town Municipality, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), National Innovation Agency (NIA) and The Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency. (Public Organization) or GISTDA

What was the origin of the establishment of this center? Both the local government organization sector, Government agencies  and educational institutions will play a role in the development Ban Chang, a livable city, How have to find the answer together

Reflecting a development perspective Ban Chang, a livable city From professors in architectural design

Michael Paripol Tangtrongchit

Michael Paripol Tangtrongchit ,Dean of School of Architecture and Design King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi as the head of the development project of U-Tapao-Ban Chang Innovation District mention the origin of the establishment of this center that

“This is a continuation project from the strategy of area-based innovation developed from the cooperation of National Innovation Agency (NIA), Space and Geospatial Technology Development Agency (GISTDA), Ban Chang Town Municipality, Ban Chang District, Rayong Province and KMUTT in 2018.”

“However, we set the concept that the development of an innovation district must have elements;  One, there must be new entrepreneurs or a business unit to accelerate its growth. Two, there must be an innovative business. Three, these areas require activities that lead to continuous development. To help new businesses to grow faster “

 “Ban Chang Town Municipality besides being located in the EEC area, there are also many infrastructure projects taking place here, making Ban Chang a livable City affected by transformative developments and exponential growth. And this coming prosperity that will affect the way of life of the people in the area “

“Even if there is no systematic urban development or a good management plan, It could affect the environment of a peaceful city and the quality of life of the people in the community. ”

This is why KMUTT joins Ban Chang City to improve the quality of life of the people in the area. Support for the upcoming growth after KMUTT has worked in the area for more than 3 years until it is well known to the people in the community. Therefore has an initiative to establish the Ban Chang Municipal Academic Innovation Center, Part of it is to symbolize the villagers of Ban Chang that The working group is still working hard.

 “At the same time, to use this area to communicate between the university and the community. Despite its size, it is not large. Rather, it is like a seed of activity resulting from the cooperation and intentions of the mayor of Ban Chang. To develop Ban Chang to be a city with quality of life and a city of learning Which has already been included in the Ban Chang municipality development plan.

The determination of the local government organization With improving the quality of life of villagers Keep pace with the change

Mr.Phairoj Ruangthurakit, Mayor of Ban Chang

Mr.Phairoj Ruangthurakit, Mayor of Ban Chang, The head of the local  administration organization said that the establishment of the Ban Chang Municipal Academic Innovation Center in the area of the Ban Chang Municipality Office, Ban Chang District, Rayong Province will serve to communicate ideas of various innovations. Since communication about modern technology has played an important role in enhancing the quality of life for people in the community quite a bit.

“The municipality therefore has the idea of giving children, youth and people of all ages have come to use the service and learn about communication New technology and various innovations at this center “

The center will be a place to coordinate and foster technology innovation knowledge and creativity. It is open to exhibit works that come from public participation, various trainings, or innovative inventions relevant to the community context. Educational institution and local authorities.

 “Including the development of technology knowledge, career innovation and urban development in the area. It also provides an opportunity for students, teachers, citizens and personnel of the public and private sectors. Have the opportunity to learn new innovations and technologies to promote knowledge exchange and develop ideas Can be applied to various functions. To benefit oneself, community and organization to make Ban Chang walk towards Ban Chang, a livable city for sustainable development.

On this occasion Jirasak Tapajote, the Chief District of Ban Chang added that Ban Chang will change greatly in the future. Especially the prosperity that is entering the area. It is important to develop people that must be done in parallel with the development of the area.

“This center is therefore a place for those who are in the know to learn and exchange about innovation. And is a space that inspires local people, both new and old, to learn and access new technologies “

Looking at activities to enhance learning Both technology and innovation of the era To take place at “Ban Chang Municipal Academic Innovation Center”

Professor Michael Paripol talks about the upcoming activities in this learning center. Which will take place in various forms as follows

Exhibit robot technology Develop youth learning

Exhibiting this robot technology It is a parallel activity. To introduce projects of the university It is exhibited in the form of Interactive Multimedia with the introduction of field robots into the activities. In order to familiarize people with the mechanics and issues of urban development.

Such as bringing the robot “Nong Om” from the Institute of Field Robotics (FIBO) to teach students at the high school level. Which after this will prepare to provide people with knowledge to train the children learned the mechanism for further movement or may be further organized into a club Or hold a contest to promote technology learning for youth in the area.

Consulting on smart farming

 From the data collection in the Ban Chang community, it was found that what people in the community need knowledge is a matter of agriculture , Sometimes the villagers do not know how to consult, they can seek advice from the center. Experiencing insects or weather problems Causing the yield not to come out as expected How to solve .For example, in the case of villagers growing hydroponic vegetables and experiencing insects or weather problems Causing the yield not to come out as expected. How to solve the problem, the center will help the villagers have knowledge. Do something tangible. 

In addition, the center plays a role in planning to drive Ban Chang to develop according to the concept of Innovative Learning & Living.  Is a city to live together with learning.

Professor Michael Paripol gave additional information on the action plan to answer the mission in this field.

“Faculty in KMUTT, such as the Graduate School of Management and Innovation, Faculty of Engineering Department of Transportation Engineering, Faculty of Biological Resources and Technology Lighting Research and Innovation Center, And the Center for Geographic Information Engineering and Innovation also went to the physical storage area of the Ban Chang Town Municipality to create a physical development plan for the development of Ban Chang Town Municipality to be an additional livable city “

Continuing to develop Ban Chang into a livable city , Nice place to travel with innovation and learning  

From entering the Ban Chang area, KMUTT’s faculty and students team also found that Ban Chang was a home for people working in the industrial estate. Which is located around the municipality. Preliminary, therefore, the guidelines for development of the Ban Chang environment are in line with the potential of the original environment Along with attracting people in the Knowledge Exchange ecosystem to live and work effectively. Including promoting the quality of life of local people for the better.

“However with Ban Chang area near U-Tapao airport making land in the community more expensive So many people have the idea of selling buildings, selling land, and moving to other locations. The university therefore has an idea to do a project to turn houses into accommodation. Because that in the Ban Chang municipality area Even without a tourist attraction in the area but can be used as an overnight stay for tourists at an inexpensive price “

 Because the highlight of Ban Chang is Peacefulness and fresh seafood, Tourists can travel to other areas around easily such as Koh Samet, Ban Phe, Rayong or Pattaya.

“For organizing training for interested villagers change their  home into a tourist accommodation At an affordable price, the first step begins with taking them to study. See more accommodation businesses nearby to use as an introductory guideline ,The second step is to organize an accommodation business training program. “

 “In addition to the development plan to create a business that transforms houses into accommodations As for the future residential development plan to be a livable city, KMUTT will help adjust the area plan accordingly. Which the Ban Chang municipality itself has already started some operations”

 Professor Michael Paripol gave an example of what the municipality has done, such as bringing the wires underground. Making green space Making a space like a civic space of the city to allow the elderly and children to exercise.

“But creating a civic space is not anywhere you can create or have space anywhere. Because having to think about using that How will people come to use the service? “

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