IEAT Governor reveals 4 urgent projects, moving forward, attracting investment, moving forward with Smart Park, accelerating Water management ,Ready to set up a Subsidiary to expand the Business


Mr.Veeris Ammarapala Governor of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT), revealed in a press conference “Opening the mind of the new IEAT Governor with challenging missions in the Digital Transformation era” via an online meeting With the Zoom system, specifying urgent missions that must be performed after taking office, have opened 6 operational plans and it has been predicted that in the next 3-4 months coronavirus outbreak  (COVID 2019) situation will be resolved and the economy will gradually recover.

Because in many countries around the world and major powers such as the European Union, Britain and China have all accelerated vaccination for their citizens and has begun to relax various measures, causing more economic activities. This can be seen from the fact that countries with large economies have already started looking for ways to invest abroad, such as the United States, China, and Japan, where IEAT will also take advantage of these investment opportunities. By doing online marketing and coordinating with the embassies of the target countries leading the way.

However, it is still a good opportunity for I-EA-T that investors who have previously reserved land leases and purchases have started to operate in industrial estates. As a result, the investment value in the past 7 months (Oct. 20 – Apr. 21) increased by 153.36% from the same period last year. (Oct. 19-April 2020) with a value of up to 113,393.90 million baht (an increase of 68,637.75 million baht).

Divided into investments in the EEC area of 102,176.52 million baht and outside the EEC area of 11,217.52 million baht, a total of 8,783 people were employed, while sales/rentals in the past 7 months amounted to 773.20 rai (305.7 acres)  decreasing from the period The same year the previous year sold 1620 rai(640.5 acres),approximately 847.24 rai, which is expected to be a result of investors being unable to travel to see the area. Therefore, in 2021, the IEAT has revised down the projection of land sales/lease this year from the original set at 1,500 rai (539.0 acres)  to 1,200 rai (474.4 acres)

“In the year 2021, the IEAT will reduce its buying/selling targets. The land in the industrial estate is reduced to approximately 1,200 rai due to foreign investors unable to travel into the country. However I still believe that the overall economy of the country is moving in a better direction. See from the Office of the National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDB) and the Office of Industrial Economics (OIE) have revealed the number of industrial indexes and GDP that has increased, and the joint industrial estates such as companies are out. WHA Corporation Public Company Limited agreed that the economy in the second half of the year is likely to begin to recover for sure,” said Mr. Veeris

However, IEAT has projects that need to be expedited. Especially the construction and development of the Smart Park Industrial Estate, which recently attracted investors to invest. especially in the matter of alternative energy which at present the project Progress has been made in the procurement of companies to undertake construction It is expected that no more than 6 months – 1 year should begin construction. IEAT will consider a marketing plan to attract more investments into the area. Due to potential neighboring countries is an important competitor and have lower wages. Therefore, it may be necessary to discuss with the Board of Investment (BOI) to adjust the benefits and incentives for investors. Because the wages of Thai workers are skilled workers. Therefore, it may be increased in terms of technology upgrades to attract more investors’ attention.

At the same time, in terms of risk management for utilities, especially water issues in the EEC area There was an initial discussion on the management of reserve water resources, where IEAT may be part of the business. However, the first possible approach must be studied.

As well as establishing a subsidiary of IEAT to expand business In the process of accelerating the study, it will be a form of joint investment. Which must be studied in the way and set up an operation team and may set up a special team of specialists to operate, It will be viewed on a project-by-project basis.    It will take about 6 months – 1 year to set up the team. It should be seen as concrete. Including new business guidelines of the IEAT in the future where every action must be within an acceptable framework and does not cause errors like other agencies that have been carried out in the past.

“From the start of the work, until today, 1 month and 8 days, there are 4 major action targets and urgent matters. Regarding the Covid-19 vaccine, the preliminary request has been made that the Industrial Estate will use approximately 1 million doses, which will be injected to every industrial estate that has requested it. Each industrial estate must coordinate with the provincial public health The provincial governor. The IEAT volunteers as a vaccination service point for the industrial estates that have been coordinated initially, which currently have 3 industrial estates that have been registered. However, it will have to wait to receive the vaccine from the Department of Disease Control first,” said Mr. Veeris.


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