High-speed Rail linking 3 Airports, Delivering 86% of the Area, Totaling 5,521 rai, Open for Service in 2025


The Eastern Economic Corridor Policy Office (OHEC) or EEC reports investment progress. High-speed rail project connecting three airports Which is one of the major infrastructure development projects (EEC Project list) after the joint investment contract was signed on October 24, 2019 by the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) and the Eastern High-Speed Rail Company, connecting three Airports Co., Ltd. (private contract parties) have jointly progressed the project continuously. With important progress including

1. Hand over the construction site according to legal procedure All parties benefit

State Railway of Thailand has prepared to hand over the area between Suvarnabhumi Airport to U-Tapao Airport, a distance of 170 kilometers, which is an area of approximately 5,521 rai (2182.83 acres) in the project. Work has progressed 86% to the contracting private sector. In addition, the demolition of utilities to open the construction site delivery of expropriated areas In the process of contracting the SRT that continue to carry out the steps of the law continuously as well and will be ready to deliver all areas within September 2021.   

2.Construction work has begun, bridge roads, workers’ houses, parts foundry Ready to open for service in 2025

The construction of the project will begin to see concrete. At present, the Company’s private contracting parties have carried out design and begin early work, such as constructing temporary roads and bridges for access roads and temporary bridges, constructing site offices, labor camps, and constructing foundries of runway structures. (concrete yard) and ready to start construction of the project immediately upon receiving the project area from Suvarnabhumi to U-Tapao from SRT, the construction period will take approximately 4-5 years and will open high-speed train service from Phayathai to Suvarnabhumi to U-Tapao in 2025 according to the expedited plan.

3. Overhaul Airport Link, New look, More convenient for people to use. Safe and thorough service

Delivery of the Airport Rail Link SRT is now ready to deliver to the contracting private sector. which confirms that passengers will not be affected in any way during the business transfer on October 24, 2021, especially the ticket can still use the original monthly pass of SRT can continue after the transfer and the private sector will continue to allow passengers to change new tickets.

Read more  : https://www.eeco.or.th/th/news/347


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