OHEC promotes Thai-Denmark cooperation Enhance resource management and use clean energy in the EEC area


June 1, 2021 Mr. Kanit Sangsuphan, Secretary-General of the Eastern Economic Corridor Office of Thailand ( EEC) opening remarks at the webinar series on “Thai-Danish Cooperation on Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) Economy Model” organized by the Royal Thai Embassy in Copenhagen on the topic “A Look into Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) Solutions: An Inspiration for Thai-Danish New Business Partnership” together with Mrs. Luxmon Attapich, Deputy Secretary-General, Office of the Eastern Special Development Zone Policy Office become a speaker Lecture on the topic “BCG Opportunities in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC)”

In this regard, OHEC has presented information on the goal of pushing EEC to become a Net Zero Emission area of the industry. By increasing the use of clean energy, Upgrading resource management and developing the ecosystem in the EEC area.  It also presents investment opportunities in BCG-related industries such as Health Industry and Green & Circular Economy that will occur in the future.


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