‘Innovation’ will upgrade the country, ‘Technology’ will make the quality of life consistent with the new world.


By salika -March 19, 2021

Driving the economy in the 21st century requires ‘innovation’ to accelerate change. Bring tools to develop skills create a new career fine-tuning the mind. Fill the knowledge base with ‘technology’ to enhance life. Pushing the economy at all levels to be strong and develop society as a whole in accordance with the changing world.

The 21st century, the world is moving with difficulties.

The new world is moving with innovations that combine and create to produce products and services that meet more needs. It is a combination of human knowledge and technology more than any other era.

By the time of the 21st century, the progress of the country was increasingly difficult and is limited by skills – knowledge – abilities and when moving forward slowly Countries that once stood out have become ‘followers’ on a global arena that fiercely competes for leadership in technology and innovation.

However, transitional government efforts have accelerated infrastructure development. Fully adapt to the flow of change without boundaries and time boundaries. One of them is the announcement of the EEC or the Eastern Special Development Zone is a new investment area. To make Thai people , Thailand is awake together to push the economy and society to keep up with the rapidly changing world.

The EEC is therefore the key to connecting the world for Thailand to sail according to the vision set by the government. Along with accelerating progress to occur to society as a whole and aiming to attract investment into the country within 5 years to reach a value of up to 1.7 trillion baht. Including accelerating the development of areas and cities to be a model of sustainable urban development with clear goals both area industry and personnel development which is bearing significant fruit!

Movements over the past 2 years will find that the EEC is a big door leading to national change, including:

1) Continuous infrastructure development like high speed train that attracts more than 900 billion baht of investment, airports – aviation metropolises, 3 large ports, dual-track transportation systems, etc.

2) The development of target industries of the country 10 + 4 industries according to the policy set by the government.

3) Continuously accelerating innovation

4) Development of a multi-format area starting from adjusting the city planning to be in line with the changes in the new era. Accelerating the construction of infrastructure to keep pace with the world and enough to cope with the changes that occur. Including land, water, air, and rail routes, and has announced that many areas have been upgraded to special development zones (at present, there are 31).

5)Focusing on personnel development and continuous education. By adjusting the direction of education to the EEC Model that turns failures – educational wastes into quality education – graduates have a job and have a  high income. This EEC Model education will create a new system process of Thai education , training in all dimensions, covering both teaching and learning ,course creation, educational environment management and management of new education as well as linking cooperation between educational institutions and industry. To provide training to meet the needs of all target industries.

With the goal of creating new progress for the country The movement of change must go down to the foundation level!

In addition to the dimensions of change that are advancing every moment as mentioned above. The development of innovation in the EEC area also goes hand in hand.

 Recently, the EEC pinned being ASEAN leader in 5G in Ban Chang area, Rayong province to be a city in the process of developing a smart city. To upgrade with the fundamental adjustment of quality of life – economy – society to connect with the world that integrates the development of industry, trade – service systematically.

Ban Chang, which is part of the aviation metropolis city, Which is northeast of U-Tapao Airport with pinning 5G to make progress – improving government services It will connect with the improvement of quality of life in the post-Covid-19 era from public health to significant upgrading of the local economy to the country and to a world without borders.

 Electric vehicles, the industry that will be the new turbocharged

In many important industrial groups, the EEC continues to raise the level of support to adapt to the changes in the current world, such as the automotive industry that Thailand is strong in terms of ‘Best production chain’ in ASEAN and one of the world’s top. The EEC has coordinated the budget from the government’s unemployment delay project to support employment retention and upgrading production to Manufacturing 4.0, which is accelerating the skill level of personnel in all fields in this industry.

Total of nearly ten thousand people by the end of 2021 to help the production chain, which is mostly owned by Thai people. Connect to the production line of the foreign automotive industry. This will help maintain employment and enhance the manufacturing sector at the same time.

At the same time, many sectors are shifting the development of various automotive industries to electric vehicles, including cars, boats and buses, by bringing innovations that use clean energy in line with the Climate Change Charter. Let’s help the world tackle environmental problems and pushing itself out of the backwardness of being a manufacturer and car user in the old mode.

Entering into a mode of care and protection of the environment with this clean energy It is an event for Thailand to respond to the Paris Agreement and cooperation on climate change together with the world community. Which will help Thailand have credit in international trade and investment. In parallel, it accelerates the development level of naval industry. Thailand that has been abandoned for a long time. There is an opportunity to adapt by leaping out of obsolete regulations and not keeping up with the world and being able to become a hub or naval hub of ASEAN one step further.

Innovation and upgrading drive progress in the EEC, all of which will lead to improvements in quality of life in line with the modern world. And from now on It will be a chain that generates millions of millions of baht in economic value every year!


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