Launching 10 Deep Tech Startups Complementing the Business Ecosystem in the EEC with Technology from Small People


By Praornpit Katchwattana -June 13, 2021

Startup in many people’s thoughts and definitions often refers to entrepreneurs who are just emerging, ordinary people, not very capitalized but eager to see their business grow rapidly. By offering products and services that satisfy consumers or market needs, The key tools of these startup warriors are innovation and technology to create differentiation and attractiveness of products and services. In this era, conventional technology may not be enough to make products and services attractive to the current market. Startups in this era have to “level up” by becoming a deep tech startup  that uses deep technology to create new products.

At present, we have a national economic strategic area such as Eastern Special Development Zone or EEC, which has an environment or business ecosystem that is ready for them. Deep tech startups who have pioneered, are even more considered positive factors that encourage startups in every field to be successful.

 National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) or NIA, so together with partner organizations to launch “Enterprise Ecosystem Development Project in the Eastern Special Development Zone” (EEC) with NIA Deep Tech Incubation Program @EEC to create opportunities for Deep Tech Startup have developed skills and potential ready to increase product development capabilities to continue to expand business in the EEC area.

The EEC area has the potential to facilitate collaboration with local partner organizations to create innovations and find new solutions. Connecting networks to participate in both public and private sectors (Public Private Partnership or PPP)

The project focuses on the deep application of technology in the ARI-Tech group in 3 areas, namely one Artificial Intelligent (AI), two Robotics and three Immersive IoT, by working with 12 industrial groups such as agriculture, food and transportation. Innovations effectively meet the needs of the region in various target industries of the EEC.

This NIA project has been accepting applications from deep tech startups to participate in this great opportunity since the second quarter of 2021 until today. The committee of the NIA Deep Tech Incubation Program@EEC has announced 10 teams of rising deep tech startups. Who will come to drive a new economy in the EEC area? You can know from this article.

Deep Tech Startup A jigsaw that complements the development of targeted industries in the EEC to the next step.

Before going to update the list of 10 deep tech startups Those selected to participate in incubation activities in good projects of NIA have statistical data and interesting perspectives on the development of deep tech startups from Pan-Arj Chairat, Director of the National Innovation Agency (NIA) Let’s tell each other first.

 “Eastern Special Development Zone (EEC) is like a sandbox for start-ups who will bring technology and solutions to meet the needs of the area throughout the supply chain of various target industries effectively.”

With this conviction, in 2021, NIA has begun operating the Startup Ecosystem Development Program in the EEC with the “NIA Deep Tech Incubation Program@. EEC” which is a pilot project to create opportunities for deep tech startups”

“This project aims to meet the needs of the use of spatial potential to connect work  to present and test the product  focusing on the ARITech group, deep tech startups are:

 Artificial Intelligence (AI) has generated a global value of $30,000 million and will reach $200,000 million in the next five years.

Today’s robots are worth more than $10,000 million, in five years they’ll be worth $50,000 million.

Virtual reality for people (Immersive IoT) today is worth 1,000 millions of dollars, in the next five years will reach $30,000 million

“In the future, these technologies are expected to play a huge role in the hospitality and tourism sectors, and in the next five years these three technologies will be worth more than 300,000 million dollars.”

“Currently, Thailand has to buy technology in these 3 groups of more than 100,000 million baht per year, or 1% of GDP. It is expected that within 3 years, there will be an increase in the number of people who will become deep tech startups in this group. It’s obvious.”

“To prepare the situation for this opportunity Therefore, we must create a network of cooperation and exchange of knowledge to create an appropriate ecosystem that facilitates the growth of start-up enterprises in the EEC area and meets the needs of the targeted industrial sectors most precisely.”

Open a list of 10 deep tech startups, ready to strengthen the targeted industries in the EEC

Recently, the NIA has announced the selection results. Deep Tech Startups 3 groups in the EEC area for development, 10 of them, mostly AI technology followed by a robot and virtual reality technology for individuals.

 For all 10 deep tech startups, they are divided into artificial intelligence or AI and data management, as follows:

1. ZEEN uses AI in object detection to accurately predict the desired object.

2. Crest Kernel DeepEyes security system with real-time CCTV image processing technology.

3. Verily Vision automatic door system for container trucks

4. AltoTech Energy Edge: An automated energy-saving platform for hotels and buildings.

5. AUTOPAIR Auto Parts Management Using Big Data or Data Analytics

6. Move Max, a real-time online transport activity management platform

As for robotics and Immersive IoT,

7. GENSURV Driverless Forklift laser guide for the transport of pallets in warehouses and production lines in virtual technology.

8. Blue Ocean Technology, a simulation system that can create a virtual experience that is closer to real training that reduces the cost of IoT training.

9. ENRES IoT and AI platform for energy management services, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

10. IFRA-Machine, a tool that helps factory engineers collect machine data and analyze insights to continually improve machine performance.

Business matching with leading partners in the EEC, send Deep tech startups even further.

And to strengthen deep tech startups in the EEC, this project has also created collaborations with leading partner organizations in the EEC by joining as business advisors through experiences and perspectives. To bring technology and innovation to solve problems and expand business Aims to develop the potential of startups to be ready and able to expand their business abroad.

 At the moment, there are 7 alliance companies, namely Carabao Group Public Company Limited, Soonthorn Thanyasap Company Limited, Siam Kubota Corporation Company Limited, B.Grimm Power Public Company Limited, Advance Info Service Company. Public Company Limited, Thai Summit Harness Public Company Limited and PTT Group. 

All 10 deep tech startups will have large private sectors joining in the development from the beginning. Which is an important model that must have a market and insights to support without these, it would only grow into a research company.”

However, although Thailand has many creative startups But there are still many obstacles, most recently Supattanapong Panmeechaow, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy has presented guidelines for promoting startups in 2 important issues:

Abolish the determination of shareholding in companies that must be more than 51% of Thai nationals in order to receive full support from the state both financial matters and others. It should only be defined as a company registered in Thailand and promoting startups to invest abroad. Because the market in Thailand has limited value if you can’t go abroad it’s will become a unicorn (valued in excess of $1 billion)


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