EEC accelerates 5G progress, accepting investment in new industries Ready to move the 5G base to Thailand


 Mr. Kanit Sangsubhan, Secretary-general of The Eastern Special Development Zone Policy Office (OHEC) revealed that the 1/2564 meeting of the OHEC, chaired by Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-O-cha acknowledged the progress of 5G development in the Eastern Special Development Zone (EEC) to step into a fully digital social economy in four areas. Which must be watched closely because before the middle of this year, there will be surprises about moving 5G bases to Thailand.

 There are investors who are committed to moving 5G to Thailand and will also invest in data storage batteries, which are expected to be negotiated for a while to reach a clear conclusion. The Prime Minister’s meeting has helped to look at the balance of investment in diversification in many countries not to monopolize any country which Thailand is doing.

“The matter of 5G, please keep an eye on it first. Because it will make all our production structure adjustments. If Thailand has data, we will go quickly. And by investing in pipes, poles, lines, there will be 5 times more related business. Today we have invested 400 billion baht across the country.”

As for the progress of 5G development in the EEC  4 areas include

1. Infrastructure, both signal pipes, poles, cables have been laid, which AIS has already installed 100% and True 82%, which is considered much faster than the target. At the same time, smart poles will be used together for a low price, reflecting the competitiveness of the business. In terms of central information, the EEC will support the establishment of a Data Center.

2. In terms of utilization, adding 5G users to drive the business sector 10,000 factories in the EEC, 300 hotels, government agencies, educational institutions, hospitals, SMEs to use 5G and begin piloting 5G in Sattahip, U-Tapao Airport, Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate and Ban Chang, bringing 5G to benefit communities. Allowing communities to maximize the benefits of 5G, pushing Bang Chang to become a model of the future community (Smart City), including creating new businesses from 5G, etc.

3.Personnel development, Thai youth is the heart of 5G, pushing the private sector and encouraging all companies to invest in digital technology to join in investing in human development By focusing on the production of skilled personnel according to the needs of the private sector (Up-Re-New Skill), set a 3-year target (2021-2023), totaling 115,282 people, currently operating at 8,392 people, with a plan in 2021-2022 of 62,890 people, and coordinate with leading companies such as Huawai, HP jointly produce at least 44,000 employees .

4.Public Relations , Engage all sectors to raise awareness of the utilization of 5G.

“The overall EEC investment in the year 2021  is confident that it will be at least 300 billion baht (excluding infrastructure 100 billion baht), which the Board has accelerated to build confidence and attract more investment. Doubled from the investment in EEC in 2020 with an investment value of 208 billion baht, representing 43% of all applications for investment promotion in the country by Japan, China and the Netherlands. It is considered the top 3 foreign investors to invest in the EEC.”


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