OHEC upgrades the Thai industrial sector to 4.0 with 5G in the EEC area.


July 27, 2021

OHEC joins hands with BOI, TARA and TRUE to upgrade the Thai industrial sector to 4.0 with 5G technology in the EEC area Build an understanding of the benefits and application guidelines. ready for further expansion to the national level

Mr. Chit Laowatana, Special Advisor for Education Development, Personnel and Technology,  the Office of the Eastern Economic Corridor Policy Committee (OHEC), revealed that it has worked with the Office of the Board of Investment (BOI), Thai Automation and Robotics Association (TARA)  and True Corporation Public Company Limited organized a webinar under the topic “Smart Industry 4.0 & Digital Transformation Technology by 5G” to enhance knowledge and understanding about the benefits and guidelines for applying 5G technology in the industrial sector to operators in the Eastern Special Development Zone (EEC).

It also shows the importance of applying digital technology in the industrial sector. In the aspect of linking and analyzing data within the factory to develop into Industry 4.0 and further recommending Sustainable Manufacturing Innovation Center or SMC , which is a pilot project under the development of the Eastern Economic Corridor Innovation Zone (EECi), where SMC will provide technical advice to entrepreneurs. This will be one of the key agencies driving the development of industry 4.0 in the EEC area.

“The event also outlines the BOI’s approach to promoting industry 4.0 and digital transformation investments to help entrepreneurs realize cost-effectiveness and make informed investment decisions in digital technology faster. On the part of the Association of Thai Automation and Robotics Operators, or TARA, talked about the purpose of the association to be the center of buyers and sellers. Create cooperation among members of associations, agencies and other organizations, both public and private sectors. To promote the development of technology related to automation and robotics including other related professions.”

In addition, at the event, TrueBusiness presented examples of the use of 5G technology and innovations to promote various business models, such as AI unmanned vehicles, connecting data to IoT devices and sending data to be stored for processing in the cloud with 5G networks, which will help Entrepreneurs can reduce costs and increase productivity. TrueBusiness itself is an expert who can advise organizations interested in applying technology to their production and operations. As well as providing design and installation services from start to finish according to the needs of each business.

OHEC is ready to cooperate with relevant agencies, both the public and private sectors, to fully support the driving of the Thai industrial sector towards industry 4.0 with 5G technology, with the goal of promoting and publicizing the topic of industry 4.0 & 5G to entrepreneurs in the EEC area continuously and will expand to the national level in the next order”


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