Overview of the EEC job market : 3 Target Industries are still bright and can continue to grow even though the crisis is not over.


By Praornpit Katchwattana -September 1, 2021

Many people may wonder that during the Covid-19 crisis This is not yet resolved. Will national economic development projects such as the Eastern Special Development Zone Project or the EEC have to be halted or affected? In addition to the concrete growth rate, especially in the targeted industries, ManpowerGroup Thailand recently opened an overview of the EEC job market amid the Covid-19 situation that the job market still has continuous demand.

 At the same time, it also opened up the entrepreneurial perspective who agree that they must move forward to accelerate the organization to be flexible and use technology to promote. As for the development of labor skills, the Upskill-Reskill must be accelerated. Support for changing working styles and suggesting guidelines for all sectors to prepare to turn around the economy in the Covid era from signs of expansion Overview of the EEC job market.

 EEC growth trend as measured by the expansion in ‘Overview of the EEC market’

Mr. Simon Matthews, Regional Manager in Thailand Middle East and Vietnam Manpower Group Leading innovative workforce consultants in more than 80 countries around the world and in Thailand revealed that

“The overall situation of the labor market in The Eastern Special Development Zone (EEC) reflects the ongoing need for personnel. Especially in the automotive industry, electronics, consumer products and digital products that are highly competitive in the market. Due to the disruption of technology and the continuous advancement of new technologies and products that stimulate the consumer market in the future. As a result, there is a constant demand for labor. The demand for short-term employment will be more demanding.”

“While a diverse group of skilled workers (Multi-Skill) is still in high demand. The hiring plan clearly defines the job nature of every position. However, current workers need a variety of skills that will be an added benefit during the selection process.”

“In addition, employees who specialize in these fields are more likely to be successful. Because they are ready to work on complex projects and help employers by getting started in new roles quickly. Here are some of the qualities most employers currently expect.”

“Especially if it follows Overall, the EEC job market tends to demand more Thai workers. Because of the restrictions of foreign workers on travel and restrictions during the pandemic itself.”

 According to the Social Mobility Index, 2020, there will be a demand for more than 470,000  positions in the EEC over the next five years, indicating that job opportunities in Thailand are very high.

Thailand is the 14th highest out of 82 countries and the top 3 industrial sectors with the highest demand for labor are as follows:

Digital Industry 116,222 positions

Logistics industry 109,910 positions

Intelligent electronics industry 58,228 positions

At the same time, it was found that after the Covid-19 situation in the next 5 years, there will be a need for the following industry personnel.

The aviation industry fell 40%.

The automotive industry fell 20%.

Digital industry, down 10-20%

This data reflects that although some industries tend to have lower demand for labor. But  in the manufacturing sector continues to be demanded. Due to business plans that support new technologies leading to the launch of new products to meet current and future market demands. This includes the automotive industry that is rapidly moving forward into the era. “Electric cars” instead of combustion engines that use oil as well.

Recommend guidelines for skill development Strengthening the industrial sector in the EEC

During the Covid-19 situation Both entrepreneurs and employees have to adapt to the changing direction in the EEC area , Suthida Kanchanakantikul The Marketing Manager of ManpowerGroup Thailand has also provided some interesting advice for entrepreneurs in dealing with the change.

Short-term solutions (Resolve) should be established to prevent and solve the current Covid-19 problem ASAP.

There should be an organizational plan to increase flexibility (Resilience), such as Financial management , Business restructuring, Outsource, etc.

“With this, we can also expect a decrease in foreign investment in advanced technologies related to innovative products. Amid the growing demand for healthcare products Because local operators will improve their factories with their own local tools.”

“For the labor sector, things that need to be adjusted to accommodate major changes It focuses on industry essential skills, such as the latest digital skills in line with industry trends. As for the adjustment of labor during the COVID-19 situation, for the industrial sector in the EEC. Thai workers must motivate themselves by adjusting their mindset for lifelong learning. They will have a stable and better income.”

 Share views of ManpowerGroup Thailand and the project to develop labor skills in response to the Thai industrial sector.

 As for ManpowerGroup Thailand, it has also worked with the education and industry sectors. To develop labor skills according to the trends of the industry of the future that require more potential and skilled workers that meet the needs of the industrial sector.

Because of the past from the survey of ManpowerGroup Thailand found that the education sector is still not producing enough personnel to enter the industry. And it’s not just quantity. In terms of quality, it is found that the personnel who produce it lack the readiness and skills that meet the needs of the industry as well.

But it is gratifying that at the moment the trend of such problems is reduced with the cooperation of the education sector, the industry sector and labor market. Recently, ManpowerGroup Thailand has collaborated with industry and academia to allocate students to work with entrepreneurs. It is divided into practical learning and internships, which are considered to be working and creating experiences to prepare for the real labor market. upon graduation Entrepreneurs can accept these students to work immediately. Without having to waste time training new work skills. This is an effective solution to the labor shortage problem.

 In taking action to upgrade and adjust Thai labor skills training should be provided in advance to support the target industry. This includes basic to advanced education to develop people and be able to work with the latest technology that entrepreneurs need.

 In addition, these training will help to develop the country and boost the industrial economy. If supported by the government, the development will be in line with the latest labor requirements.

And so far, according to issues reported in the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2020, only 54.9% of Thai workers have digital knowledge. And the obvious weakness of Thai workers is “lack of readiness to adapt to the future technological world”.

 So Education training to foster attitudes towards the future of work is therefore essential to promoting Thai workers As well as bridge the gap for digital skills.

As for the start-up business, ManpowerGroup Thailand points out that startups that can work with large companies in the EEC need to learn and understand the industry. As well as must not stop developing new products and services to the world market. If possible, there will be a bright future that will grow together with the industrial sector in the EEC.

Finally, to manage the EEC workforce effectively. It is imperative to focus on knowledge development and skill development. Especially the digital skills of Thai workers to support future production and work trends.

Praornpit Katchwattana : Start writing as a media with the press work of the Public Relations Division Rajamangala Institute of Technology in 2003, before going to experience life in Melbourne, Australia for a year and returning to her career as a “writer” seriously as an editorial at Cheewajit magazine 3 years . Later, I thought it would change to work in a PR agancy company for 6 months. So I came out to be a freelance writer for the editorial of Feel Good magazine like Happy + for a year, interviewing both celebrities and aspirants. Before entering the full-time job system again with the MBA magazine with being a responsible writer in the MBA program of educational institutions across the country. Having accumulated 3 years of experience, it’s time to Upskill to an Online content writer job that uses passion and passion to convey good stories and new knowledge in the Education 4.0 era of the Medical industry, Lifestyle of the new generation and Creative tourism.


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