Village Health Volunteers, Ban Chang the front to fight the danger of Covid-19 with a Heart of Giving


By salika -September 6, 2021

Coronavirus disease 2019 or Covid-19 outbreak still spread all over the world, including Thailand. There are people who are infected and die every day until the government has to announce measures to control the disease by ordering the closure of business establishments and shops, which all sectors cooperated well.

Thailand has been praised from all over the world for having a good response to Covid-19, easing the situation from heavy to light. This is because we have an important mechanism which is “Village Health Volunteers (VHV)” is an important outpost or cog in helping fight Covid-19. It is behind the success of field visits to identify vulnerable groups, control, deter, screen, isolate, quarantine, those at risk and those infected. It is a medium for communication, discussion and public relations on health between the states to the people at the village level. And have a close relationship with the people It earned the trust and followed the advice of people living in the same village.

Mrs. Sumalee Thongburan, chairperson of the VHV, taking care of the people, Village No. 4, Ban Chang Subdistrict Municipality, Ban Chang District, Rayong Province, said that

“The mission of Ban Chang Volunteers is to take care of people’s health, solve bad news, spread good news, point out services to measure diabetes, blood pressure, sickness, take care of the elderly, bedridden patients, disabled people, pregnant women, and postpartum. As well as providing knowledge and information to understand the cause of disease and how to prevent it, such as dengue fever, and most recently, Covid-19, one person takes care of 20 households. Some villages have insufficient number of VHVs. Submit a monthly health report When the covid epidemic It’s an outpost knocking on the door to help screen for Covid-19 at the community level.”

Aunt Sumalee said that she started applying to be a village health volunteer (VHV) in 1993, totaling 28 years.Those who need special care are the elderly or bedridden patients.  If there is a wound, it must be cleaned to prevent pressure ulcers  and you have to take a fever, blood pressure, and draw blood. If you have a high fever, you need to see a doctor. See a district doctor or hospital It also takes care of people in at-risk groups to get an annual health check. If people are sick, they will be brought into the system for treatment.

Aunt Sumalee also revealed that the village health volunteer in Ban Chang has always been discussing plans for work. Because they have to volunteer as well, which is the “EEC Volunteer Project Against the Danger of Covid-19” together with the locals of Ban Chang District, Dot Care Volunteers and WeSafe at Home. Mission during the Covid provide the correct understanding and raising awareness about Social Distancing, such as joining a team to set up community checkpoints to educate and screen vulnerable groups, Take note of where it came from. In which group (green – yellow – red) measure the temperature.

Then take a note of the report to Tambon Health Promoting Hospital immediately, if there is a high fever, the doctor will come down to see and take a history again. In the case of a high-risk group that has to quarantine for symptoms of Covid-19 at home or at a waiting center, the VHV will be a surveillance team. Monitor the symptoms of all detainees. Including taking people to vaccinate ,The vaccination will screen people who are old or have congenital diseases first because they are at risk.

Recently, the EEC Volunteer Project has organized training to increase ATK detection skills, volunteering and self-quarantine at home by a team of experts which is very helpful. It can lead to working with the sub-district Tambon Health Promoting Hospital (Sor.Hospital ) as well as giving 25,000 ATK test kits to the village health volunteers, all 5 sub-district administrative organizations of Ban Chang District, totaling 25,000 sets to be proactively inspected in the community area.

Aunt Sumalee said that she was very proud of her role as the Volunteer  because it was a job that was beneficial to others. Can be a voice and help people in the village. Ban Chang District is in an industrial area. There are factories. There are infected people who are children and relatives. We need to help each other take care of them. The cost of 1,000 baht that we receive is not much but wants to help others as much as I can, which in In the past, there was no money to help, but I had always done it with pure heart and volunteer spirit.

What I would like to advice  if possible. Volunteers should have protective clothing. mask and face shield, gloves, hazardous waste bags and alcohol gel to protect yourself when testing for infection. Go knocking on every doorway to give advice on how to prevent Covid-19, if swabs are done to detect Covid-19 in high-risk groups or groups that need to be vigilant.

If there is a PPE set to prevent viruses that we can’t see, the VHV has nothing to do with the job. We do our best because we are volunteers who sacrifice for everyone,  working together for the benefit of the public. Improve quality of life Help solve problems and create benefits for society.

Author: Uthai Atthaporn


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