EEC : Outstanding geographical location, better benefits and readiness to create new generation of personnel


By Praornpit Katchwattana -September 19, 2021

Last week There is a network of faculty members of Eastern Higher Education Institutions, 21st Century Academic Group (21st Century Scholars Network) to meet and discuss ways to create, develop, and open up new academic areas. In the current change to the future In particular, geopolitical dimensions, economic geopolitics, are important foundations that will drive new understandings and new knowledge to adjust new ideas-visions Keep up with today’s fast changing world!

If you look back at the changes in this world , Today’s changes are a result of the economic, political and technological competitiveness of the past century. War-trade-international politics-building a network that creates a charter-consultation of the world that all have the effect of adjusting the world according to the direction of struggle-dominate of geopolitics-geo-economic-and specific interests. group until it’s obvious! especially the movement after the Cold War era that the world community is aware of!

 Dr. Kanit Sangsuphan, Secretary-General of the Policy Committee Eastern Special Development Zone

But the passage of time in the transition of the century. There are many milestones that have caused major upheavals until the whole world has to adjust to the 21st century world firmly and quickly which if said “New Era Silk Road” is the quintessence of the 21st century, there is nothing wrong with that!

The adaptation of 21st century geopolitics and economy has clearly shown the world the fundamental difference between the Western and Eastern worlds!

In the past movement, it was found that Western powers have focused on exploitative struggles. Trying in every dimension to guide, dominate, direct – take advantage. There is a political management that leads to secession – creating unique benefits quite prominently.Will see from America’s policy before – or the announcement of the great return to America again. According to the Trump administration-geopolitical approach or the movement of the Brexit  political wave in England which aims to separate itself from the European community – with a near score, After England looked back on joining as one with Europe, Make it fall down and lose a lot of benefits! This is the idea-management of the Western world that appears!

While during the transition period The Eastern Hemisphere’s growing movement is focused on cooperation-developing tangible international relations, such as multilateral financial cooperation such as the Asian Development Bank (ADB) , the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)- where China started . Including the establishment of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Eurasian Economic Union, the BRICS Summit Group to  the Pacific Economic Partnership Agreement without joining America and regional economic partnership agreements Covering Southeast Asia with China, India, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand – where the collective GDP totals more than $30 million (30% of global GDP) covering 3.5 billion people, It is a negotiation that aims to create a comprehensive modern economic partnership agreement. high efficiency have mutual benefit And there is a mutual benefit arrangement that is the largest free trade agreement in history!

The century of change-speed-adaptation-conditions full of opportunity/destruction from the new era of technological advancement has a “new silk road” as the core of change. Dismantling the old world – connecting to create a new world that transcends the limits of the economy, society and civilization that are in the era of the old era. To a transformation that emphasizes relationships – Cooperation networks – Environmental quality stewardship – Quality of life management – Entering new science in the social ecosystem – New education!

Learning to adapt is important and necessary. Unfortunately, more than 70 percent of Thai education – universities – and personnel in the education system are still standing in the habit of sticking to the old system – the same old system. That is not fussy about the change in the new world. Only about 10% of people wake up struggling to adjust to the present moment!

Thailand has opened the Eastern Special Development Zone (EEC) to be a link between geopolitical and economic changes. With a network base for cooperation with the ASEAN community as a supporting mechanism including collaborating with various economic, trade and investment groups related to regional cooperation at the level of ASEAN, Asia, as well as higher and wider at the same time according to the conditions of adjusting and taking care of the interests of the nation.

The EEC is the target area for the country’s socio-economic upgrading.With the enactment of the law to be upgraded to a special area for creating cooperation-investment. Focusing on new economic-industrial groups that are advanced to upgrade the country. Upgrading the development of old industries to Industry 4.0, developing communication systems – 5G information systems, aiming to develop the economy – new wealth to keep up with the world – environmentally friendly – reduce the destruction of resources. By aiming to reach the lower base communities – spreading progress thoroughly and deeply into the locality. Emphasis on the process of improving the overall quality of life to be better – equal – equal – inclusive.

Developing a health care system with medical technology – digital public health that reduces congestion – high quality Aiming to coordinate to create new advancements from technological innovations in the 21st century in all dimensions that respond to the adjustment of the socio-economic base to be equal – universal. It is a new step in the economy-development that keeps pace with the world-responsibility. Fast-Clean-High Performance-Powerful Productivity,Including the world’s trending economies such as BCGs, etc. This is the wave of change that the EEC is currently driving. That today has moved more than halfway!

The opening of this EEC special area has the power to attract new economic groups from all over the world to continuously invest. The superior strength of the EEC is its geographic location that is convenient. The logistics transportation system has been rapidly improved. Connecting world routes in all directions, including land, air, rail and road. EEC is located on a geographical location at the center of ASEAN. It takes only an hour to travel by air and trade with nearly a billion people. Importantly, the EEC’s geographical location has not seen any catastrophic natural disasters at all. And adapting the development of infrastructure systems that are very meaningful for investment and development in the new era!

While the benefits of investing in the EEC are better and fair. Compared to the benefits of neighbors or countries that are currently open for investment. This issue has attracted a world that wants a win-win solution. It is very interested in investing in various industries. Moreover, Thailand has progressed to be a strong chain of many industrial groups based on the development that has passed. Come just being able to adapt to change will surely take the leap forward!

Another important factor that stands out in the EEC is human resource development. that has made new progress Adjust the direction to connect with the changes – in line with the advancement of technology and the needs of new industries. There is a development of knowledge-skills for educational institutions. Management of educational backgrounds, both formal and non-formal Increase efficiency – progress – meet the needs of work in the new era!

Continuously build new educational-skills development networks, Develop relationships between industry – entrepreneurs and educational institutions – training institutions to meet the real needs. Adjust the ecosystem of education-learning-developing skills in the new era to respond to work-learning seriously. These factors are the global environment that drives Thailand not to be out of date, the power to enter the sustainable development mode to keep up with the world. If the system of regulation-cooperation of the state continues to improve to keep up with today’s fast-changing world! EEC can connect the world for Thailand to sail for sure!!!

Praornpit Katchwattana : Start writing as a media with the press work of the Public Relations Division Rajamangala Institute of Technology in 2003, before going to experience life in Melbourne, Australia for a year and returning to her career as a “writer” seriously as an editorial at Cheewajit magazine 3 years . Later, I thought it would change to work in a PR agancy company for 6 months. So I came out to be a freelance writer for the editorial of Feel Good magazine like Happy + for a year, interviewing both celebrities and aspirants. Before entering the full-time job system again with the MBA magazine with being a responsible writer in the MBA program of educational institutions across the country. Having accumulated 3 years of experience, it’s time to Upskill to an Online content writer job that uses passion and passion to convey good stories and new knowledge in the Education 4.0 era of the Medical industry, Lifestyle of the new generation and Creative tourism.


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