The Private sector advises the Government to speed up the fight against the coronavirus Restoration of the EEC tourist attraction


July 31, 2021 | By Prapasri Osathanon, Wannika Jittinarakorn 

The private sector recommends that the government speed up the adjustment of basic projects to await the economic recovery of the EEC. After the spread of COVID-19 In the end, the Marine Department spent more than 500 million baht to speed up beach renovations to support tourism.

The new wave of “Covid -19” outbreak has spread more widely. As a result, the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) expands the dark red area to cover Chachoengsao province and Chonburi Province While many parties want the government to take parallel actions in planning to prepare for infrastructure improvements to support the post-epidemic.

Including when the epidemic starts to unfold, Thailand will be able to prepare to attract investment and tourism in Eastern Special Development Zone or EEC immediately. Especially the preparation of investment in tourism infrastructure that takes time to prepare the project.

Prachya Samalapa, Chairman of the Eastern Economic Development Committee and Vice Chairman The Thai Chamber of Commerce said that relevant agencies should use this time during the Covid-19 outbreak  adjust infrastructure and stimulate the economy not only in the eastern region both Chachoengsao, Chonburi and Rayong to prepare for the opening of the country Because we don’t know when the covid-19 epidemic will end and how it will end. What should be done right now is to speed up the resolution of the problem that has not yet been able to complete in the normal time. Some projects take a long time, including asking for permission from the relevant agencies, budget, time to implement.

For tourist cities in the EEC such as Pattaya City, Chonburi Province, Actions need to be accelerated in a number of areas other than beach development.

 Na Jomtien Bay area To accommodate tourists of Pattaya, which is the main tourist attraction of the eastern region, where the area has many environmental problems such as recurring flood problem, traffic problems, road repair, drainage system and coastal erosion problem.

 “I think now is a good time to restructure the economy, improve the law, solve problems that arise. Projects that are stuck in pipes. Projects that will accommodate tourists should be accelerated to complete. What should be done must be done, not waiting for open the country and then start doing because by that time, it might not be up to date.”Samalapa said

Wittaya Yamuang

Wittaya Yamuang, director-general of the Marine Department, said the Marine Department had received a policy from the Ministry of Transport to speed up coastal improvements to support tourism. Recently, there has been a project to add sand to prevent erosion of Jomtien Beach, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi.  It is an ongoing project of the Marine Department to renovate the coast in the eastern area and be a source of business in the tourism sector.

“Previously, the Department has taken action to add sand to the beach in Pattaya to increase the area around the beach to be wider suitable for activities and support marine tourism which has been well received by tourists.”

The Marine Department has therefore continued the project on Jomtien Beach because it is a connecting area. and is still in the process of allocation of the budget for the year 2022 to further study the sand beach of Bang Saray.

News reports stated that for Bang Saray Beach , the Marine Department Prepare to study beach sand supplementation in the district of Sattahip Chonburi This makes Bang Saray Beach a tourist attraction between Sattahip and Jomtien Beach. It is a beach next to the road that travels easily. The length of the beach is 1,500 meters, as well as the development of the beach area to accommodate tourists in the past, causing more tourists to come in. Therefore, it is appropriate to be developed to be a connected tourist attraction.

Wittaya said that for Jomtien beach previously, coastal erosion has been a constant problem. As a result, the beach area deteriorates and decreases in size every year. It’s not enough to support the increasing number of tourists, Special Area Development Administration Organization for Sustainable Tourism (Public Organization) or DASTA has coordinated with the Marine Department to urgently resolve the issue.

In addition, a report from the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources in 2009 has studied and formulated a master plan to solve coastal erosion problems in the eastern Gulf of Thailand. And make the Jomtien beach area a severely eroded area that needs to be solved urgently. As a result, in 2014, the Marine Department hired Chulalongkorn University Aquatic Resources Research Institute. Conduct a survey designed to strengthen the sand to prevent erosion of Jomtien Beach,Chonburi Province.

There is a study area along the Jomtien beach, 6.2 kilometers long, from the area in front of Lung Sawai restaurant to the rocky area in front of the Pattaya Park Water Park. Water World Stage 1 is 3,575 meters long and Stage 2 is 2,855 meters long.

Jomtien beach

The Marine Department has hired Italian-Thai Development Public Company Limited to be the operator of the sand supplementation project to prevent erosion of Jomtien beach, phase 1. The project period is from May 2020–Nov. 2022, a total period of 900 days, with a budget of approximately 586 million baht, with the sand sources that will be used to supplement the Jomtien beach area from the west of Rang Kwian Island. It is about 15 kilometers from Jomtien beach to the sea. Currently starting to add sand to the beach from the Jomtien Chalet Hotel to the U Jomtien Pattaya Hotel, operating results accounted for 4.39%.

 However, after the project to add sand to prevent erosion of Jomtien Beach was completed. It will help  restore Jomtien Beach to be beautiful and when the situation of the epidemic of Covid-19 is relieved, it will help to stimulate the economy. Promote tourism to Jomtien Beach generate income for the community and country. To be in line with the government’s policy to rehabilitate and develop tourist attractions according to the 20-year national strategy on tourism and build quality growth.

(Source : BangkokBiznews July 30 , 2021 )


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