Looking at the Progress of 3 Mega-projects EEC, Hopes for Economic Recovery After the Covid Crisis is Over


By salika -June 5, 2021

Everyone believes that the spread of the COVID-19 virus would affect the economic development of Thailand to be more or less halted. Although many parties have to face this terrible epidemic crisis. Many projects planned to develop various infrastructures to be ready. For the Eastern Special Development Zone (EEC) project is still ongoing.

Until on June 4, 2021  Supattanapong Panmechaow, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy. presided over the meeting via electronic media to acknowledge and consider the progress of the 3 mega-project EEC which contains important details as the following news reports;

High speed train connecting three airports, EEC mega-project with good news, ready for delivery in September 2021

At the meeting, the BOI acknowledged the progress of the project by SRT preparing to hand over the area between Suvarnabhumi Airport and U-Tapao Airport, a distance of 170 kilometers, which is approximately 5,521 rai (2182.83 acres) of the project area. The work has progressed 86% to the private sector contracted party.

At the same time, the entire area is ready to be delivered by September 2021. Now the private sector has entered the area and has started designing and preparing for construction.

For example, the area adjustment work to prepare for construction during the Suvarnabhumi to U-Tapao period. Construction of temporary roads and bridges to transport materials, Construction of field offices, worker’s quarters, foundry, structural work, environmental, safety and traffic management.

The entire construction will take approximately 4–5 years and will be open for service from Phayathai, Suvarnabhumi to U-Tapao in 2025. The airport rail link delivery service is ready to be delivered to the contracting parties, confirming that passengers will not receive any effect during business transfer especially the ticket that can use the monthly card as before.

In addition, the service quality will be upgraded, for example, the conversion of 4 luggage cabinets to be able to accommodate up to 1,000 passengers people per hour, reduce waiting for trains during rush hour. And improve the traffic control system make the train arrive on time, including improving facilities around the station, adding restrooms, green areas, lighting systems, ventilation fans, and improving traffic systems, etc.

U-Tapao Airport, a mega-project EEC with progress in all dimensions

Here comes another EEC megaproject that captures a time when the global aviation industry is being hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the foundation U-Tapao Airport and this aviation city of the EEC to be strong and tight. As soon as the Covid-19 crisis subsides, it is ready to penetrate the aviation industry (ATZ), creating new jobs and additional income for the Thai aviation industry.

At this time, the meeting of the EEC  acknowledged  the progress of the project implementation, which are important as follows:

One :  the government’s responsibilities such as

1.The construction of the second runway by the Royal Thai Navy which has designed the second runway, the workway connecting the runway. Along with the aircraft repair center apron has been completed, consisting of 3,505 meters long runway, 6 related taxiways, underpass tunnels related system work, etc.

2.Preparing to deliver the area,  OHEC  has prepared a draft regulation for working in the promotion area. For the construction period for use in area management, including taking care of the security of the area.

3.Construction of electrical and cold water systems, OHEC has delivered the leased land and B Grimm Company has cleared the area already.

4.The construction of water supply and wastewater systems, OHEC has already delivered the land to East Water Company Limited and is in the process of surveying the condition of the area.

Second : the Private Contractor Accountability Division (UTA)

The project area has been surveyed and the airport standard fence (Airside) , 4.9 kilometers long, has been constructed, approximately 95% completed for security purposes and facilitating the construction period, as well as establishing level values in the project area and defining a route linking between the terminals and the high-speed train station.

1.The preparation of the complete airport master plan Scheduled to deliver according to the contract in June 2021.

2.New passenger terminal design It hired a global consultant, SOM Group of Companies (Skidmore, Owings and Merrill LLP:SOM) to design a preliminary draft of the building.

Third : Aviation Technical Zone (ATZ) development activities

OHEC prepares to develop an area of approximately 539 rai (213.104acres)to support the aviation industry, which is the target industry. To make U-Tapao Airport a center for aircraft business development which important ATZ activities such as

Aircraft Maintenance Center (MRO) provides light/heavy maintenance services. Aircraft modification, Aircraft spare parts service center, Ground equipment service center, Aircraft equipment maintenance, Aerospace personnel training center and Landing sites for aircraft that are damaged and require long-term repairs or waiting to be sold, etc.

At present, OHEC is in the process of preparing a master plan and planning within the ATZ activity area and has a plan to test investor interest (International Market Sounding) to study the market overview and invite investors during July to September 2021.

The ATZ operation is expected to increase the aviation industry employment rate by more than 3,000 positions, generating government revenue from private investors. Increase income for people in the area, reduce the cost of the country’s aviation industry business. And develop Thailand to be a hub of aviation in the Asian region is not difficult.

Model of old town development Lan Pho Na Kluea Market attracting good income tourism to the EEC

Of course, the emergence of the Covid-19 crisis has greatly affected the Thai tourism sector, but during this time of crisis that we can turn to opportunities to prepare tourist areas to accommodate all groups of tourists who will return to travel After the Covid-19 epidemic situation has improved.

In the past, OHEC has joined forces with Pattaya City to initiate a project for the construction of a New Market for Lan Pho Na Kluea courtyard according to the Pattaya City Development Plan to NEO PATTAYA as a pilot project for the development of tourism industry for good income groups and health tourism. And ready to maintain the old town of Naklua as a community tourist attraction coupled with the development of the EEC’s leading seafood market.

By using 5G technology to increase convenience and security for the community. At present, it has also studied and explored ideas from successful projects to adjust the conceptual plan design in accordance with the local conditions maintain community identity. Preserving beautiful unique scenery to attract tourists from all over the world to the EEC.

The main highlight of the project development Lan Pho Na Kluea New Market is a spatial development that is integrated between the state, local and private sectors, creating opportunities to become a new business center, expanding to related businesses. Recovering the economy and quality of life of people after the Covid-19 situation and is a model project that can attract both domestic and foreign tourists to the EEC area, generating more income for the community continuously.

[Source: Press conference of the Eastern Special Development Zone Development Administration Subcommittee Meeting No. 3/2021, meeting via electronic media (Friday, June 4, 2021)]


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